129 – Preparing for Death and Not Having False Hopes

Shaykh Faraz continues the text, “Letter to a Disciple” by Imam Ghazali. He explains that one should act in such a way that is accordance to one knowing that Allah is the real master. Shaykh Faraz goes on to explain what brings about the sweetness of faith. He highlights that fact that only hearts that have been healed can heal other sick hearts. Shaykh Faraz reminds us of being watchful over one’s heart, engaging in daily contemplation and busying oneself with that which really matters. One should busy themselves with Allah and His worship. One should seek to do engage in all actions with a sincere intention. Knowledge of the state of the heart is personally obligatory and should be given precedence.

In the Rawha, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani will be covering Daily Guidance for Seekers. The text covered in this episode is Imam Ghazali’s “Letter to a Disciple” on his comprehensive advice to the seeker of knowledge.
The texts in the Rawha will be read in Arabic, translated, and commented upon briefly. This class is of benefit both for committed students of knowledge—particularly given the reading in Arabic—and for those simply seeking daily guidance, reminders, and inspiration in learning to live the light of Prophetic guidance.

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