132 – The Restful Self and the Reproachful Self

Shaykh Faraz continues the text, “Blameworthy Traits and Their Cure” (‘Uyub al-Nafs wa Mudawatuha) by Imam Abu  Abdulrahman al-Sulami (died 412 A.H.). This works deals with states of the self, and how to rid oneself from blameworthy traits. Shaykh Faraz starts by reminding us of the three types of self: (1) sinful self, (2) reproachful self, and (3) disciplined (restful) self. Imam Sulami starts with the restful self. One who has a restful self, is one who attained and retained certitude regarding their Lord, and are at rest regarding Allah’s promise. The restful self is certain of Allah’s promise. One who has reached that type of self, Allah gives them their books of deeds in their right hand on the Day of Judgement. This self is content with Allah’s promise, destiny, benefit and harm. This restful self has four characteristics, it : 1) attains pleasure, 2) obtains Divine pleasure, 3) attains Divine Love, 4) is honoured by beholding Allah in the hereafter. Then Shaykh Faraz starts talking about the reproachful self. He discusses how it goes between the good and the bad, reproaching itself when it falls in the bad. It doesn’t have sufficient patient with ease and distress. Patience begins with acceptance, and is required in both the good and the bad.


In the Rawha, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani will be covering Daily Guidance for Seekers. The text covered in this episode is Imam Abu Abdulrahman al-Sulami’s “ Blameworthy Traits and Their Cure”(‘Uyub al-Nafs wa Mudawatuha).

The texts in the Rawha will be read in Arabic, translated, and commented upon briefly. This class is of benefit both for committed students of knowledge—particularly given the reading in Arabic—and for those simply seeking daily guidance, reminders, and inspiration in learning to live the light of Prophetic guidance.

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