183- The Rawha- Guidance for Seekers-Expressing Concern – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Continuing to look at Muhasibi’s “Treatise for Seekers of Guidance” (Risalat al-Mustarshidin), Shaykh Faraz Rabbani explores the counsel on expressing sincere concern (nasiha) for Allah, His Messenger, and the believers. He explains what each means and how true concern and care, both social and spiritual, is lived and expressed in one’s life, citing examples from stories of the righteous. He encourages having a share in every door of the good, making dua, and consistent, sincere action to express concern.

Shaykh Faraz moves on to Imam Muhasibi’s reminder to consult those who revere Allah. He emphasizes taking counsel from the Quran, hadith, and those around us. He closes by reminding us to connect to religious guidance for counsel and to make consistent one’s turning to Allah.


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