Islamic Spirituality Explained – 01 – Introduction to Sufism and 1st Aphorism of Ibn At’illah (rebroadcast)

In this podcast Shaykh Walead Mosaad begins by defining some of the various definitions for tasawwuf (Islamic spirituality), and how the work of Ibn At’illah, The Hikam (aphorisms) is a book of the Muslim umma.  The heart of tasawwuf is actualizing tawheed, monotheism. Each aphorism builds on the previous one. Shaykh Walead explains the first aphorism: “From among the signs of dependance on one’s actions, is the diminished hope on the occurrence of missteps.” One should not be depending on one’s own works, rather one should depend solely on Allah. Everything from Allah is a blessing whether one recognizes it or not. Actualizing tawheed is finding blessing in everything.


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