“The Power of Intention – Turning the Mundane into Sacred”- Imam Yama Niazi

It is Allah alone who we worship and it is Allah alone who we ask for help. The one constant throughout our lives is The One who is constantly in existence. The Everlasting, Allah. Worldly Obligations throughout our lives often lead us to feel we don’t have the time or energy to sit and praise God as we would wish to. And often that is the case. But wait, do you want to know a secret?
All these mundane acts we carry out without a second thought can be turned into sacred acts! Profitable with God both here and hereafter. Intentions. Remember God. Before every action and in all our states, remember you are doing this all for God. That is the secret of the ‘Bismillah’. Seek His pleasure, His acceptance, and His reward. Make Him your forethought, your midthought, and your afterthought. Do it all for His sake. And you will reap endless rewards.
In this Friday reflection, Imam Yama Niazi gives practical advice on remembering our Lord in all that we do.

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