In Defence of Prophet Ibrahim from Modern Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions about Istikhara

Prayer-istikharaShaykh Faraz Rabbani discusses salat al-istikhara (the prayer of guidance) by

  • defining it,
  • debunking misconceptions regarding it,
  • the best way to perform it, and
  • easy ways to integrate it into our lives in a meaningful manner

Some of the common misonceptions include

  • Istikhara is a prayer in matters of marriage
  • The signs come in the form of dreams
  • A sinful person must ask a pious person to perform the prayer on his behalf
  • Istikhara is only for the big decisions, not small matters

Listen to the lecture below or find the istikhara prayer in Arabic, English translation and transliteration on the SeekersHub blog.