Are you too busy to worship God- Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

We may feel that work, studies, family, parents, and all the things we need to do, are unduly stealing our time and we are too busy to worship God. In this week’s Friday Reminder, Shaykh Faraz beautifully shows us how this is simply not true and that Islam encompasses rewards, and honors all of these endeavors. It is simply about what resides in the heart – our intentions.

There is profound power in our intentions to transform everything we do into a means of traveling closer to God. Shaykh Faraz counsels us that there are three core intentions of the Muslim. One of them is to fulfill a communal obligation. Your work, whatever it is, is helping people and helping society. Whether you sweep the roads, take the calls, see the patients, teach the students or stack the shelves.

You are directly or indirectly fulfilling a human need. So consider that and intend what you do for God. When you leave your home to travel to work… don’t! Leave your home to travel to God. Watch the reminder to find out what the other two intentions are, so you too can transform the mere mundane into the super sacred and feel a deep peace and joy that you are always traveling to God in all that you do.


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