How Should Muslims Approach the Elections? – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Shaykh Faraz answers the question of how Muslims should approach the upcoming US elections. He reminds us that first and foremost a Muslim should look at the outcome with the eye of faith. A Muslim should see that it is all from Allah Most High. Shaykh Faraz gives guidelines of what Islamic values should be upheld in considering who to vote for.

Shaykh Faraz points out that a Muslim should have concern for the wellbeing of their community and society at large, and assess the candidates accordingly. Muslims should consider which candidate is most likely to be of greater benefit and/or of lesser harm. The scholars of Islam tell us that Divine guidance has come to preserve five matters: religion, life, intellect, wealth and honor. Broadly, the areas of good return to these five matters and these should be the criteria of assessment. Finally, a Muslim should turn to themselves and ask if they are doing anything in these spheres of preserving public good.

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