12 – al-Baqara : 43 -48 – Seekers Quran Tafsir – Shaykh Abdul -Rahim Reasat

In this podcast, Shaykh Abdul-Rahim Reasat continues explaining the glorious sura al-Baqara in the Quran by expounding on the many trials sent to the children of Israel and how they didn’t reflect on them.

Shaykh Abdul Rahim goes into detail about how no one can pray the prayer of another. The importance of establishing prayer only for the sake of Allah Most High, building a relationship with Allah through the prayer.

Shaykh Abdul-Rahim reminds the believers how acts of worship are strengthened by doing them in a group. Finally, Shaykh Abdul-Rahim explains the difference between outward and Inward reverence.

He ends the podcast by explaining the many blessings sent to the Children of Israel, the greatest of them sending various prophets, yet they rejected them all.


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