15 – The Best Qualities – Awaken- Shaykh Abdullah Misra

In the fifteenth episode of this series, Shaykh Abdullah Misra covers seven hadiths from Kitab al-Riqaq, which convey the cure to a hard heart and provide a means to reach Allah Most High. The first four hadiths contrast the ephemeral nature of the life of this world with the certainty of the Hereafter and its imminence.

The fifth hadith sets out two qualities of the best person: a swept-out heart and an extremely truthful tongue. Shaykh Abdullah delves deep into the meanings of a swept-out heart, explaining how this person is pure-hearted, free of sin,  has no oppression, malice, or envy.

The sixth hadith puts forth four qualities, which if a person possesses, it does not matter what he loses from the world. The seventh hadith explains three qualities that Luqman al-Hakim possessed that gave him the high status he had. These include truthful speech, fulfilling trusts, and leaving that which does not concern him.

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