194-The Rawha- Guidance for Seekers-Living Trueness – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani


Shaykh Faraz begins by explaining how the believer’s trueness is constantly tested. He highlights how the believer should maintain self-vigilance, by watching over one’s inclinations for the sake of Allah and taking oneself to task as to whether one is living trueness in tribulations. He reminds that one should “know one’s worth” as an honored slave of Allah and remain firm on the way of truth, a consequence of which is Allah’s placing love for one in the hearts of His creation.

Next, Shaykh Faraz sheds light on how trueness in seeking leads to inward knowledge and gnosis by Divine facilitation. It’s not about how much you know, it’s how much you act on what you know, he explains. He discusses how this knowledge bequeaths awe of Allah, confidence in Allah bequeaths trust in Him, certitude—through nurturing one’s faith—bequeaths reverence, and how increase is for the grateful. The Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) would pray at night to “be a grateful servant,” and Shaykh Faraz closes by shedding light on how night prayer is a practical way we can direct Allah’s blessings towards gratitude to Him.

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