In this next session, Skaykh Yahya discusses two more character traits of Futuwwa mentioned in Imam Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al Sulami’s (d. 412 AH, 1034 CE) book, Kitab al-Futuwwa: (1) to break a nonobligatory fast to make your brother or sister happy; and (2) to bring happiness and joy in your relationships with others. With respect to breaking a nonobligatory fast, Shaykh Yahya explains the larger significance of this trait and why service to others is the quickest way to receive spiritual openings. He also begins the session with a beautiful discussion on ihsan (beautiful character) using a system of trees as a metaphor.

You were listening to Al-Maqasid podcast powered by SeekersGuidance global. The Maqasid (purposes) that are foundational to life of the believer are (1) Knowledge, (2) Devotion and (3) Service. It is through these purposes that we are able to truly fulfill our duty on Earth. Join us on this podcast as we explore these purposes which carry the meanings of the Prophetic inheritance.


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