Living Faith Fully – Meanings, Gratitude, Certitude, and Tests and Blessings- Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani shares four keys to “Living Faith Fully.” He explains the journey of life as being a journeying from (a) merely living; to (b) having faith; to (c) living this faithfully.

For this, he advises that:

One. Strive to live the meanings of the religion and its rituals—not just its forms. “Mean it, then say it,” he advises.

Two. Cultivate Gratitude. Gratitude is a key to living faithfully. It entails (a) seeing—with faith—everything as a blessing from Allah; then (b) appreciating these blessings, through active reflection; and then (c) expressing this appreciation

Three. Cultivate Contentment. If we realize that the greatest blessings and gifts are those we already have—namely: (a) existence; (b) live; (c) faith; and (d) guidance

Four. Recognize Tests as Blessings. If we understand these realities, we should realize that all of life—its good and bad, the ease and the distress—are all tests.


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