Islamic scholars fund

Fulfil Your Role With the Islamic Scholars Fund!

Shaykh Farid Dingle speaks about how the Islamic Scholars Fund allows us Muslims to fulfil our roles in society.Islamic scholars fund

Our problem as a society is that, despite our love of Islam, we don’t know how to apply it into our lives. This leads to confusion, as we don’t understand what to do in many ordinary situations.

The answer is to support organisation that teach people about the fundamentals of Islam, and answer the questions that they have.

SeekersGuidance, a nonprofit organisation, aims to do just that with an Answer service, free online courses, and a solid curriculum. Additionally, it sponsors student studying the Islamic sciences.

However, the hard reality is that this is no possible without funds. Because of this, SeekersGuidance is raising money for the Islamic Scholars’ Fund, which support scholars and students of knowledge who are providing these services.

Without these support, it may be that one day, no such information will be available. The cost of not doing anything will be continued confusion.