14 – Tranquility in the Tornado

The Divine is al-Wakil, The Trustee, the Advocate, the Disposer of Affairs. When we choose a trustee to oversee our affairs, we naturally select someone who best represents our interests, who truly advocates on our behalf, who disposes our affairs in the most suitable and beneficial manner. Through these meanings, we can understand that the […]

13 – With the Patience of a Saint

Yet another Divine Name representing Divine beauty is al-Sabur, the Patient.  To emphasize the magnitude of the quality of patience at the Divine level, the name is formed on an intensive Arabic morphological scale: the Divine is al-Sabur and not merely al-Sabir. In relation to the Divine, this name informs us that Allah chooses not […]

03 – The Me in the Mirror (rebroadcast)

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY When I proclaim, “I love,” or “I want,” or “I know,” or “I believe,” what component of my complex identity is speaking?  What is the spiritual-psychological process that produces my value-statements, emotional affirmations and the alignment of my will. Who is the “I” in the me? Who is the […]

02 – A Bleeding Heart (rebroadcast)

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY The first frontier lies within.  Before we can interpret or attempt to change our outer world, we must first understand our inner world. Why do I exist? Who am I? What is the meaning of life and what is my place and responsibility in it?  If we do not […]

01 – Uniting Mind, Body and Soul (rebroadcast)

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY Islam provides a view of human reality that is cogent, holistic and practical, always sensitive to both constant and changing needs of the human experience.  It is from the remarkable and miraculous beauty of Islam that all elements of the human identity are fused together seamlessly: the spiritual heart, […]

12 – Penny-Wise, Pound Foolish

No action of the Divine is irrational — though it might be supra-rational. Nothing that the Divine does is in vain or without purpose. All of Allah’s actions realize welfare and benefit, even though the human intellect is at times unable to perceive the comprehensiveness or subtlety of His wisdom.  One of the Names and Attributes […]

11 – Labouring With Love

Why do Muslims, when asked whether God is love, respond with, “No. He is Merciful?”  Rahmah in Arabic is not mercy.  Rahmah has the meaning of merciful-love or loving-mercy. The word rahmah is derived from a root which denotes the womb.  We would never describe the mother’s relationship to her child as based on mercy, […]

10 – Justice Now!

The discourse of activism is often framed through the lens of seeking justice.  But what is justice? In our Islamic understanding, one of the Names of the Divine is the Infinitely Just, or al-‘Adl. As we have mentioned previously, Allah possesses Names of Majesty and Rigor (jalal), which signify power, might and strength; and He […]

09 – Activism in the Spiritual Envelope

At this point, the intersection between activism and Islamic spirituality, and therefore our paradigm of spiritual activism, should stand out in sharp relief. As a summary, we can connect the dots as follows: The purpose of human creation is the realization of loving submission (‘ubudiyyah) to the Divine.  The locus of this loving surrender is […]

08 – The Activist as Vicegerent

In a very august assembly, in the presence of beings created from pure light, Allah announced that He was going to create a vicegerent or representative (Khalifa) on earth. You are that steward, that vicegerent, that representative. Our real home is Paradise.  We were born to die and journey back home – but only if […]