If we love Allah, why do we fear Him? Shaykh Faraz Rabbani explains that “fear” (khawf) of Allah is having reverential awe of the Greatness of our Merciful Lord and His tremendous favor upon us.

Likewise, hope isn’t just wishing for the good.

“Hope and fear are the wings of faith,” said Imam Ghazali.”By them, the seeker flies to the stations of Closeness with Allah.”

Shaykh Faraz explains the meaning of hope (raja’) and awe (khawf), with reference to key verses of the Quran.

And he shares insights on how to focus our consciousness to acquire and cultivate true hope and awe–by letting go of attachments to the past and to distracting or useless things–so we can attain the Eternal Pleasure of Allah and His Paradise:

“And as for the one who is not in awe of the station of their Caring Lord and who restrains their lower self from its wayward ways, then Paradise is indeed their resting place.” Surat An-Nazi’at: 40-41

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