SeekersGuidance Joins the Annual RIS Convention 2022!

This past week SeekersGuidance was honored to participate in the annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Convention held in Toronto, Canada. A program aimed towards strengthening ties within the North American Muslim community through reviving Islamic knowledge, practicing introspection, and overcoming cultural barriers through commonality and respect.

As such, it was incumbent upon SeekersGuidance to contribute to this conducive environment and invite seekers of all backgrounds to pursue their quest for knowledge and enlightenment by studying the Islamic traditional sciences, in a contemporary context, under the guidance of leading scholars of our generation.

We were blessed to connect with the vibrant and diverse Muslim communities of Toronto and introduce them to the countless areas of Islamic knowledge taught at SeekersGuidance, and the varied methods of learning that we offer completely free. Indeed, the experience was a true testament to the western Muslim communities’ devout desire to learn and delve deeper into their faith.

SeekersGuidance Booth at the Annual RIS Convention 2022:

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