01- The Reality of this World – Awaken- Shaykh Abdullah Misra

In the first episode of this series, Shaykh Abdullah Misra covers hadiths from Kitab al-Riqaq, which convey the cure to a hard heart and provide a means to reach Allah Most High. The first hadith reminds us of the importance of good health and free time, representing two of man’s invaluable resources. The second hadith offers a framework for understanding the realities of this world, namely its trivial nature in the eyes of Allah Most High. In the third hadith, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) likens this world to a prison for the believer and paradise for the ungrateful disbeliever in order to build patience. The fourth hadith defines the reward for good deeds and conveys a sense of continuity such that believers receive immense rewards in this world and the next, unencumbered by time, whereas disbelievers consume their reward and carry nothing forward into the next abode. Indeed, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) was given the gift of true eloquence, characterized by the brevity of speech in combination with a multitude of meanings.

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