02- Five Principles of Knowing Allah -Spirituality for Warriors- Spiritual Counsel- Wisdom on Turning to God from the Islamic Tradition -Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

In this new podcast called Spirituality for Warriors, Shaykh Faraz explains the first three of the five principles of knowing Allah. The first is to recognize Allah and that there is only one necessary and existent being, and that is Allah.

The second principle being is to know that Allah is manifest light, explains Shaykh Faraz. Allah grants light to all the heavens and earth.

The third principle is that Allah loves creation. It is creation who must show love to Him. Love is choosing to prefer. It is out of Allah’s Divine Love that we are brought into existent reminds Shaykh Faraz.

Shaykh Faraz ends this podcast by reminding us that spirituality is the very essence of Islam, not something extra to Islam.

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