03-Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) and Jalut: Courageous Leadership- Simply the Best: Life Lessons From The Lives Of The Prophets-Shaykh Sadullah Khan

In this third episode, Shaykh Sadullah Khan discusses the Quranic narrative of Prophet Dawud and Jalut (Goliath). This narrative revolves around the incident of Prophet Dawud resisting the oppression of Jalut and his people. Shaykh Sadullah reminds us of the importance of cultivating courage and praiseworthy characteristics in our youth.
By being principled in our actions it is possible to overcome the greatest challenges that we may face. Prophet Dawud showed us that by being sincere, just and courageous we will be able to succeed in our endeavors and struggles (by the grace of Allah). It is critical that we never lose hope in Allah’s providence and mercy. True success comes from Him alone.

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