04-I hate my future wife’s father- Ustadha Raidah Shah Idil

In this episode, Ustadha Raidah gives guidance to a man who is getting married, but whose future father-in-law is judgemental and rude, and might be the cause of clashes between the couple.  Each person will deal with difficult people in their lives, she explains, and we have the agency to allow these experience to let us grow, or to hurt us.
She encourages the young man to first establish healthy boundaries with his wife, which will then enable him to view his father-in-law with empathy. He may have an undisguised mental illness, or may simply be feeling vulnerable as he ages and is no longer able to do what he once did.
She shares her own experience, coming from a nuclear family structure in Australia to a traditional,  family-oriented environment in Malaysia, and how much it taught her about the aging population

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