Shaykh Zahir

042 – Don’t be like Donkey Turning a Millstone

The Hikam

In this episode, Shaykh Zahir Bacchus covers the 42nd aphorism of the Hikam: “Do not  travel from one created thing to another, so that you become like a donkey turning a millstone. The place it walks along and the place it is going to, is the place it has just came from.  Rather journey from created things to the Creator and “to your Lord is the final destination”. Consider the words of the Prophet (please and blessings be upon him) ‘Whoever’s emigration is to Allah and his messenger, his emigration is truly to Allah and his messenger. Whosever emigration is for worldliness they are want to attain or a woman he wants to wed them his immigration is for The thing they want to emigrate to.’  Perfect  on this if you possess understanding.” 

This podcast covers “The Hikam”,  considered a classical masterpiece in spiritual literature – written by the great spiritual master of 13th/14th century Ibn Ata’illah. The Hikam is a book of spiritual aphorisms containing timeless and pure spiritual wisdom.

Shaykh Zahir is the Co-Founder and Executive Director at Lote Tree Foundation. He also serves was the Imam at the Jamiat-ul-Ansar Masjid in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
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