12- Blameworthiness of Spending in Excess in Worldly Matters- Spiritual Counsel: Wisdom on Turning to God from the Islamic Tradition -Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

In this episode, Shaykh Faraz explains the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth hadiths from the Chapter on Matters That Soften the Heart from the hadith compilation, Mishkat al-Masabih, compiled by Muḥammad ibn Abdullah Khatib al-Tabrizi (d. 741 AH). The twenty-eighth hadith relates to us that “no believer spends anything except that they are rewarded for it, except for this dust (pointing towards buildings)”. Shaykh Faraz explains that this pertains to spending on housing above and beyond one’s need. The twenty-ninth hadith relates that “spending, all of it, is in the path of Allah, except for building, there’s no good in it”. Shaykh Faraz explains that the blameworthy spending on buildings is when it is in excess. Shaykh Faraz then talks about the dangers of loving worldliness. He concludes by giving us five principles that help us keep away from worldliness: (1) having a clear purpose in life, (2) always having intentions in actions (acting for the sake of Allah), (3) making the sunna one’s standard, (4) remembering the pleasure of Allah in one’s actions, (5) and having gratitude.

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