127 – Sincerity in the One Calling to Allah

Shaykh Faraz continues the text, “Letter to a Disciple” by Imam Ghazali, where he explains some key qualities of the sincere caller to Allah. The first quality is that they should avoid argumentation, for within argumentation lies much harm. When conveying religious knowledge their aim should be to call to Allah, rather than themselves or a group. Shaykh Faraz goes on to remind that calling to Allah (da’wa) is rooted in the Qur’an, hadith, and guidance of the scholars. This is the way of safety. He warns of the harm of putting on false airs. Rather, he mentions to seek Allah with sincerity and truthfulness. Then Imam Ghazali goes on to tell us what is a true reminder and admonition, and this requires attention. It is for the servant to remember the fire of the hereafter, and remember one’s own shortcomings in serving the Creator. He goes on to define what true preaching is to remind others to reflect of their shortcoming and blameworthy traits of self. It is to be touched by the fire of concern.

In the Rawha, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani will be covering Daily Guidance for Seekers. The text covered in this episode is Imam Ghazali’s “Letter to a Disciple” on his comprehensive advice to the seeker of knowledge.

The texts in the Rawha will be read in Arabic, translated, and commented upon briefly. This class is of benefit both for committed students of knowledge—particularly given the reading in Arabic—and for those simply seeking daily guidance, reminders, and inspiration in learning to live the light of Prophetic guidance.

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