13-Etiquettes of Earning Livelihood- Renewing Religion- Shaykh Riad Saloojee

In this re-broadcasted lesson, visiting scholar, Shaykh Riad Saloojee gives a brief overview of the chapter on the etiquettes of Earning a Livelihood from Imam Al-Ghazali’s Ihya Ulum al-Din. This chapter is divided into several sub-themes: [1] The virtue in earning your own livelihood [2] The fiqh of contracts or the laws that govern the earning livelihood [3] The idea of justice and equity in earning one’s livelihood [4] Excellence in acquiring livelihood [5] The connection between earning a livelihood and the afterlife.

Shaykh Riad delves into each of the subsections explaining in overview what the main points relating to each are. Shaykh Riad concludes by reminding us that it is possible to have Allah in the background of our hearts with all that we do and that includes while we pursue our livelihoods. For this reason, Allah has given us a prayer to recite when entering the marketplace with a distinguished and high reward if one says it. That is because Allah wants us to remember Him in the places when most others would find it difficult to do so.

In this brief overview of Imam Ghazali’s opus magnum, Ihya Ulum al-Din (Renewing the Religious Sciences), this series will serve as a blueprint for how the believer can bring to life their religion. It will aim to help the believer to not just practice the form of the religion properly, but to also practice it with excellence.


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