18 -Proper Manners While Eating – Spiritual Counsel: Wisdom on Turning to God from the Islamic Tradition -Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

In this episode, Shaykh Faraz explains the thirty-eighth hadith from the Chapter on Matters That Soften the Heart from the hadith compilation, Mishkat al-Masabih, compiled by Muḥammad ibn Abdullah Khatib al-Tabrizi (d. 741 AH). The thirty-eighth hadith gives us the guidelines and etiquettes of how much food to consume. We learn that it is sufficient to eat as much as is needed to be healthy and function in life. Beyond that, if need be, one should apportion at most a third of their fill for food, a third for drink and a third for breathe. We also learn that no human fills any container more harmful than a stomach. Shaykh Faraz provides an explanation of what this hadith means, and how to practically uphold these guidelines.

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