18-The Trial of Knowledge– Truth for the Youth: How to be a Muslim in the 21st Century- Imam Yama Niazi

In this series of podcasts, Imam Yama Niazi will help Muslim youth develop a holistic understanding of religion. This series covers topics of worship, spirituality, as well as discussions that are most relevant to youth in the current age we live in. Attaining certainty and contentment with Allah and always turning to Him is essential for the youth. Often youth need advice and guidance in their life that they are deprived of due to many reasons; among them being a lack of teachers, busy lifestyles, or just simply disinterest. This podcast series focuses specifically on a youth audience

Imam Yama Niazi begins by explaining the high rank of the Prophet Musa (peace and blessing be upon him) and how Allah honored him. Imam Yama goes on to give an overview of the story of the Prophet Musa (peace and blessing be upon him) that is mentioned in Surat al-Kahf along with Prophet Musa’s (peace and blessing be upon him) meeting with Sayyidina Khidr and the lessons that are derived from this meeting. Sayyidina Khidr explaining to Prophet Musa (peace and blessing be upon him) that ultimately there is a reason for everything that happens.

Imam Yama continues with the themes in Surat Al-Kahf by explaining the proper manners and etiquettes one should have when seeking knowledge. These manners and etiquettes are derived from a single verse in Surat Al-Kahf. He explains the utmost importance of having  knowledge but also attaining it in the right way. Imam Yama ends by explaining that knowledge is a trust from Allah Most High.

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