19 -The Inhabitants of Paradise – Awaken- Shaykh Abdullah Misra

In the nineteenth episode of this series, Shaykh Abdullah Misra covers three hadiths from Kitab al-Riqaq, which convey the cure to a hard heart and provide a means to reach Allah Most High.

The first hadith establishes that the generality of the people who enter Paradise are the down-trodden and the people of means are detained from entering it.

In the second hadith, we learn that the majority of the dwellers of Paradise are the poor and Shaykh Abdullah explains in detail what it means for women to constitute a majority of the dwellers of Hellfire. Islam brought honor to women and gave agency and rights to them. This hadith removes the misconception that men are the only ones responsible and women have no accountability.

The third hadith uses a metaphor to indicate the superiority of the poor emigrants in entering Paradise. Indeed, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) was given the gift of true eloquence, characterized by the brevity of speech in combination with a multitude of meanings.

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