25 – The World is a Prison for the Believer – Awaken – Shaykh Abdullah Misra

In the twenty-fifth episode of this series, Shaykh Abdullah Misra covers five hadiths from Kitab al-Riqaq, which convey the cure to a hard heart and provide a means to reach Allah Most High.

The first hadith warns us not to emulate a sinful person due to a worldly blessing. The oppressors in society may appear to have power and wealth but we do not know the killer punishment that awaits them in the Afterlife.

The second hadith compares this worldly life to imprisonment, postulating that the believer is set free when he parts from this world.

From the third hadith, we learn that sometimes the servant of God is prevented from having the riches and glamour of this world because God is protecting him from harm.

The fourth hadith presents the benefits of two things that people normally dislike: death and poverty. In the fifth hadith, Shaykh Abdullah explains in detail why trials and tribulations come to a person who claims to love the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace).

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