56 – Sura al Baqara 197 – 202 Seekers Complete Quran Tafsir – Shaykh Abdul Rahim Reasat

What are the days of Hajj, and what are its rules? Shaykh Abdul-Rahim Reasat expounds on the etiquettes of Hajj, its restrictions, and prohibitions, as Allah Most High commands in verse 197.
On a journey, we’ll take worldly provisions along, but Allah Most High tells us that taqwa is the best provision for Hajj – a powerful reminder that Hajj is a journey of worship. Shaykh Reasat elaborates on the command to engage in thikr (remembrance) upon completing the main rites of Hajj, which reinforces that Allah guides and that one should seek the Divine’s forgiveness and engage in thikr often.
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