01-Adam and Iblis- Simply the Best: Life Lessons From The Lives Of The Prophets- Shaykh Sadullah Khan

In this podcast series, Shaykh Sadullah Khan extracts insightful lessons from the Qur’an about the lives of the noble Prophets of Allah. Through various Qur’anic events and narratives, Shaykh Sadullah is able to contextualize the various life lessons of the Prophets in our daily lives. This podcast series was recorded in Cape Town at Masjid al-Furqan during Ramadan 2018.

Adam and Iblis
In this first episode, Shaykh Sadullah discusses how Iblis incorrectly rationalized his superiority over Prophet Adam due to his arrogant belief that his composition was better than Adam’s. We as the descendants of Adam should take heed from this critical lesson that prejudice and arrogance are satanic qualities that ultimately lead to doom.

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