The Etiquettes of Companionship (Part 3): The Trait of Never Looking Down on Other People – Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

Shaykh Yahya looks at four more Etiquettes of Companionship in this third podcast based on Iman Abdulwahhab ash-Sha’rani’s book Adab as-Suhbah, including the trait of never looking down on other people. As part of the discussion on this etiquette, Shaykh Yahya relates inspiring stories of the righteous and explains how our spirits are taken at the time of death, either easily or painfully, depending upon the way we lived. A closely related etiquette – to see yourself as worse than all other people is also discussed, as well as the etiquette that if achieved can lead to immense spiritual growth—namely, learning to prefer others over oneself.


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