Prophet Musa and the Two Principled Men of Integrity-Simply the Best: Life Lessons From The Lives Of The Prophets- Shaykh Sadullah Khan

In this episode, Shaykh Sadullah Khan discusses how the followers of Prophet Musa (May Allah’s peace be upon him) refused to obey Allah’s order of entering the holy land due to their psychological fear and complacency. They arrogantly retorted and replied to Prophet Musa (May Allah’s peace be upon him) that he and his Lord should go alone and face the lurking hostilities within the holy land. They forgot the recent divine favor of Allah upon them when he saved them from the oppression and clutches of Pharoh. Out of all the followers, only two men of integrity stood and supported Prophet Musa (May Allah’s peace be upon him) with the injunction of entering the holy land. From this story, Shaykh Sadullah reminds us of the perils of being people who critique and complain yet do nothing on the plains of action. He explains the importance of standing for truth and justice beyond theory. When people act in a principled manner, they will be able to conjure courage to do righteous action and improve the conditions around them.

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