Will I be Forgiven?- Shaykh Yusuf Weltch

Allah didn’t create us to be perfect, and that is not the purpose of our creation. We are not meant to become sinless. Striving for perfection would cause us to feel all types of despair because we are trying to reach an unattainable goal. In this week’s Friday Reminder, Shaykh Yusuf shares the story of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) when he was cast out of Jannah. That story teaches us how to repent and make Tawba. It teaches us that taking full responsibility for our own actions and mistakes is the first and great step to forgiveness and true healing.

Shaykh Yusuf reminds us that we only need to try our best and if we fall short, we simply must turn back and ask Allah for forgiveness. As was once said “Heaven is not for the perfect. It is for the patient, persistent and penitent.”

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