Calming the Storm Within: Controlling Your Anger

So, why the anger? A compelling question posed by Shaykh Walead Mosaad

Shaykh Walead Mohammed Mosaad gives a powerful reminder on controlling your anger. In this lecture, Shaykh Walead describes anger as stemming from feelings of entitlement and wanting other than what Allah has given us. Furthermore, if we accept that we are not entitled to anything, even our blessings, this can help suppress our anger.

He reminds us that Allah’s blessings are to be treated with proper etiquette, stating “No human being, in the reality of things, has done anything to deserve the great mercy and bounty and blessings of Allah.” Shaykh Walead explains this further by discussing the story of Iblis and Prophet Adam from the Quran. Anger cannot be completely extinguished, but rather controlled.

The lecture serves as an apt reminder that an inner storm can be counteracted by forbearance and gratitude. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) demonstrated perfection through his responses in every situation: being patient, being forbearing and having gratitude.

May Allah accept our efforts in refining our characters.