Connecting to the Imams of Fiqh – Mufti Taha Karaan

* Courtesy of Bayt Muhammad Academy

In this video, Mufti Taha Karaan elucidates with eloquence and precision why Muslims should connect and find value in the various schools of Islamic juristic thought. Contrary to what many believe and assume, the schools of Islamic jurisprudence have always employed rational and intellectual tools in their respective methodologies when arriving at solutions for people and societies. As the world changes and progresses, new challenges will arise and confront people. It is in these circumstances that qualified and astute scholars will need to build on the legacy of the past in order to guide and provide new solutions for Muslims in the modern era.

* This video was recorded on Monday 22nd May 2017 at Masjid-e-Rizwan in Blackburn (UK) as part of Mutfi Taha Karaan’s Affinity lecture tour with Bayt Muhammad Academy. For the original youtube link please click here