Making the Most of Ramadan (Part 3): The Expression of Love

As Ramadan gets closer, here are some highlights from our popular On-Demand course, Making the Most of Ramadan.

The Expression of Love by Ustadha Zainab Ansari

In this section,  Ustadha Zainab focuses on the relationship between us and Allah through the lens of love.

You will learn that fasting is a way to express your love to Allah by following the commitment inscribed in the book of God and the Sunna. Fasting is essentially an invisible act of worship, with no one knowing that you’re fasting except yourself and your Lord. This creates an aspect of solid intimacy between yourself and Allah.ramadan

Through the physical difficulty of hunger, you are proving your love to Allah. By you being gifted to obey Him and fasting for His sake only, you may start to realize that you received this blessing and ability out of His immense love for you. Indeed, it is Allah who creates in you a physical desire to please Him, and you choose to respond to him just to please Him. This is what love is all about.

When you fast, you overcome the primal instinct to attain a higher spiritual level. Resisting your hunger helps to raise your spiritual strength and improves your control over the body and soul. Food can be a means to discipline yourself or a test and a means to spiritual disaster.

Ustadha Zainab discusses implementing a solid relationship with the Quran, the Divine Word of Allah, and the night prayers. There is a spiritual secret to be discovered by the seeker if he searches thoroughly.

Ramadan might be the moment of an epiphany for you. That moment, you turn your life around and travel the blessed path that you always wanted to sail onto. People get spiritual openings through Ramadan all the time. Seize that Ramadan to be one of them!

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