Monday Motivation: The Impact of Service

Our most respected Human Development Manager and brother, sidi Jamaaludeen Khan, has been sharing Monday Motivation on our online Headquarters for our Seekers Family: teachers, staff, students, and interns.

Jamaaludeen Khan

Over the next six months, I’ll share a Monday Motivation with you all. I hope that you find some benefit in these writings. All of us are continuously learning and evolving on an everyday basis. Sometimes we need fresh perspectives. Other times we need reminders.

Our work at SeekersGuidance is essential. Each one of us plays a unique role in this endeavor. This role is a divine blessing from Allah Mos High. This is an opportunity to serve Allah Most High and His creation.

Some roles may seem more important than others, but this is not necessarily the case.

What truly matters are two things:

  • The sincerity in our actions, and
  • The acceptance of Allah Most High

We try to improve our intentions. We try to make the best choices and decisions. We try to do our best work.

However, the results and impact are out of our hands. Only Allah will determine our outcomes and impact. This is Allah’s acceptance.

This is an impact story that we received less than a month ago. This is from Allah Most High.

Salam Seekers Guidance,

No words can express how thankful I am to Allah swt for guiding me to your website, your resources are the pearls and gems of this Duniya. Prior to finding the courses in SG, I would spend hours and hours on Youtube or internet in general trying to satisfy my hunger for entertainment or “recreation”. I would move from 1 video to another or 1 tabloid to another for no reason .. just out of whim. Just to kill the time.

It was only when i consciously made effort to remove all this Dunia from my heart that Allah guided me to Seekers Guidance. I am AMAZED at the knowledge you are making available for us worldwide for free, I kept saying Subhanallah how did i get to learn this important and valuable thing for free? This is gold, this is gold!

I have completed the coure on Purification of the Heart by Imam Yama Niazi and are now doing other courses by Sheikh Abdullah Anik Misra and Sheikh Faraz Rabbani. There is no word that can describe how blissful my heart feel listening to all their advice, their clarification of kitaabs and teachings of this and that Scholar.

Please continue to do this, please never remove any lecture, please never delete any Youtube video or Live, please please continue.

For a mother like me, going to a madrasah daily is not an option yet as my kids are still in school-age. So to have these resources on top of my weekly commitments like Ta”leems and Madrasah class is gold, it is gold.

I no longer am hungry of entertainment or useless videoblogs (vlogs) except when i really feel like i need to wind down. The long hours spent on useless things have now been replaced with listening to lectures in my Dashboard, and even my Husband have also began to select videos from Seekers Guidance when he surf YT. My preteen daughter is also coming to sit next to me to listen to Figh of Guarding the Tongue (Sheikh Abdullah Anik)

I have no words to express how thankful i am, only Paradise can repay all of you. Only Paradise. Jazakallah.


May Allah Most High bless this wonderful mother and all our mothers, teachers, and all of us, Amin. May Allah Most High bless you all with a beautiful week filled with blessings and goodness, Amin.