Ustadh Amjad Tarsin gives guidance on avoiding the religiously doubtful based on the section on scrupulousness in Imam Haddad’s Book of Assistance. He explains how falling into the religiously suspect and unlawful tarnishes our spiritual works, emphasizing that this particularly applies as related to our food, as acts fuelled by the prohibited will be anything but good. Next, he gives guidelines on how to distinguish the prohibited and doubtful and their various degrees and cites the example of the companions in leaving the doubtful. He explains the three causes for the religious falling into ambiguities, when investigation is appropriate, unlawful trade practices, and indulgence in the world’s pleasures. He closes by explaining how taking merely sufficient but clearly lawful provision is safest for the heart.


This is part of the series presented by SeekersGuidance Canada in Ramadan 2019.


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