16 – Lives of the Companions (Part 2) – Mus’ab Ibn Umayr – Shaykh Ismail Londt

In this podcast Shaykh Ismail Londt  speaks about the companion Mus’ab ibn Umayr (may Allah be pleased with him). Musa’ab ibn ‘Umayr was born in both wealth and status. He was  the only child to his mother. Mus’ab left all his wealth and status for Islam. He accepted Islam and was one of the forerunners of Islam, he accepted Islam  three years after revelation. After hearing about Mus’ab accepting Islam his mother tied he up and kept food and drink from him. Mus’ab was able to escape and travel to Abyssinia leaving all his wealth behind. Mus’ab was sent early to Madina to teach the new Muslims about Islam and to call people to Allah. Mus’ab held a special place in the heart of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Mus’ab was martyred holding the standard and fighting off the enemy at the battle of Uhud.

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