Can I Have a Jinn Spouse In Paradise?

Question: Assalamu ‘alaykum. Will humans and jinn be able to see, marry, procreate, and have children with each other in Paradise?


Wa ‘alaykum assaalm wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh.

I pray you are well.

Yes, it will be possible for humans to see the believing Jinn in Paradise. After all, the people of Hell will see Iblis, and he is a Jinn.

Based on some verses in Sura al-Rahman, scholars have mentioned that it will be possible for humans and jinn to be intimate with each other, and this is something that will be permissible after marriage. So, yes. [Biqa’i, Nazm al-Durar]

Remember the verse, “They will have whatever they will in the presence of their Loving Lord.” [Qur’an, 39:34] Perhaps this has the answer to the question of the children too.

Note: We answer the questions as submitted. We respect others’ sincerity and concern in asking the questions they have and strive to answer them in a sound and clear manner.

Allah knows best.

May Allah grant us the best He has in Paradise.
[Shaykh] Abdul-Rahim Reasat

Checked and Approved By Shaykh Faraz Rabbani