Vigilantism, Digital or Otherwise, Is Forbidden

Vigilantism, Digital or Otherwise, Is Forbidden

Ustadh Farid Dingle answers a question on the legality of digital vigilantism in Islam.

I’d like to thank you for answering the last question. I have another question related to my life. I’m a 19 year old student, and I have always had a great love for how the things work on Internet. Now, I want to know more about the things and give it a shape, use it for doing good things.

I was wondering, for example, about hacking into a site like Dellywood. Dellywood is a website, a registration website actually, for selecting Mr or Miss India, and it is now kind of known what these things lead to. The females dress up, for instance vulgarly and there are so many things to be considered as well.

My question is, if I could, can I stop or damage their things like their database or could I do things like such as a good deed? Or if I find money anywhere from such websites, can I take that as a war booty and spend it for the cause of Allah? Or am I simply forbidden to make any move.

Thank you.

There is no vigilantism in Islam. All of this would be forbidden.

I pray this helps.