Announcing The SeekersGuidance Online Summer Intensive 2020

Join us for The SeekersGuidance Online Summer Intensive 2020!

Spend this summer immersing yourself in an online blended learning environment, students from all around the world will have an opportunity to delve into three areas of study which have been compiled by some of the worlds leading scholars in their area.

We are offering three streams of study for students at different levels and learning outcomes.

Completely Free.

The Three Streams of Study:

  • Ijaza Islamic Studies Program (دورة العلوم الشرعية) – Arabic
    • This program gives students of knowledge the opportunity to read classical texts in Arabic in a wide range of key Islamic sciences with some of the leading scholars of our time, from Sham and elsewhere
    • Cost? Free!
  • Foundational Islamic Studies – English
    • This covers the personally obligatory knowledge that all Muslims must know
    • Students will complete a critical portion of Level One of our Islamic Studies Program, in English, with qualified SeekersGuidance teachers
    • In addition, we’ll be offering enrichment sessions with thought and community leaders
    • Cost? Free!
  • The Seekers Youth Intensive – English
    • This program is a carefully designed program for Muslim Youth growing up today
    • The program will be taught by our Youth teachers Imam Yama Niazi and Shaykh Yusuf Weltch
    • This summer program give the youth a chance to connect with our rich Islamic tradition
    • Cost? Free!

When: August 2nd – August 31st, 2020

Where: Online

Who: Students who are interested in studying the Islamic Sciences

Cost: Free

Class Availability:

Thank You for your interest. Registration is now closed for the summer program.