Take a Closer Look at The Prophet’s Heart

The Prophet’s Heart: The Beauty of His Relationship with Allah and Creation

shama'il prophetic heart Starting on March 14 in Toronto, and available globally from March 16, Study Circle students have the unique opportunity to learn key qualities of the Prophet’s heart. Attendees will learn from his relationship with Allah Most High, and from his relationship with Allah Most High’s creation—through stories from authentic—but less common—narrations from the works of Prophetic description (shama’il).
Shaykh Faraz Rabbani will be sharing descriptions of the Prophet’s heart, through vivid stories. Insha’Allah this Study Circle will encourage us to acquire the virtues of the heart beloved to Allah—both in our turning to Him and in our relationship with His creation.

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Study Circles are free online community-focused study groups. A course is taught simultaneously as a live class at a community center–like SeekersHub Toronto–and then broadcast to centers across the world.
The Prophet ﷺ described circles of knowledge and remembrance as gardens of Paradise.
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