Another Term Completed at the Dar al Fuqaha Seminary – Courses Coming Soon!

In the midst of all the challenges brought forth by the new realities facing us during this global pandemic, the SeekersGuidance Istanbul Team has been working tirelessly to continue bringing life-changing knowledge to students from around the world.

Last week, The SeekersGuidance Istanbul Team finished the second term of lessons at the Dar al Fuqaha Seminary. With the help of technology, we were able to keep students connected to their lessons and teachers, while maintaining best practices during the pandemic. For the safety of our students, term two was held exclusively held online.  Scholars recorded lessons from an empty lecture hall, as students tuned in from home.






This term, senior scholars including Shaykh Usama Rifai, Shaykh Ismail Majzoob and Dr Mahmoud Masri taught various Islamic sciences including: Fiqh, Hadith, Aqeeda and more!

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