SeekersGuidance Student Assembly – Term 3 2012

SeekersGuidance Student Assembly – Term 3 2012

Seeking Knowledge with Manners and Virtue


Yesterday, students gathered online and at the SeekersHub in Toronto. Surrounded by our Teachers, we listened to their wise words and counsel as we approach the end of our studies for this term.

Sayyid Mohammed Assagaf, teacher at SeekersGuidance, softly and humbly spoke about the importance of intention and adab in respects to knowledge. He also mentions how the seeker of knowledge should maintain consistency to reach a point of felicity. He graciously adds that we should purify our heart for it is the vessel for the light of Allah.


Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Executive Director and teacher at SeekersGuidance, passionately gave counsel to students referring to the teachings of Abu Madyan. Giving students these four points to ponder upon:

  • 1. Renunciation (Zuhd). Seek Allah, and detach your heart from worldly matters.
  • 2. Knowledge. Know what you need to know, and avoid things that are not beneficial.
  • 3. Rely on Allah. Trusting in Allah was the Prophet’s State, taking means was his Sunnah.
  • 4. Certitude. Have certitude without any doubt of Allah and His Messenger.

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani also advises that Allah and His Messenger have us given all knowledge we will ever need, without any doubt.

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Thanks to @farazrabbani @alfroz on #twitter for the notes taken during the assembly.

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