Does the Prophet Know the Unseen?

Autumn’s Mercy and The Woke Prophet – Khutba by Abdul-Rehman Malik

Sidi Abdul-Rehman Malik was asked by Imam Omer Bajwa to give the Friday sermon earlier this month. Memories of his friend, Ather Ali, were in his heart whilst he was deciding what to say.

“Mercy is Islam’s most emblematic characteristic. The Creator refers to the divine attribute of mercy more than any other attribute. The Prophet Muhammad, the beloved of God, is called a mercy to all the worlds. Mercy, we are taught, comes before God’s judgement. Be merciful to those on earth and the One above the heavens will be merciful to you, is the first lesson taught to women and men who are on setting out on the path of learning. Yet, we often don’t consider the radical implications of God’s mercy–and what it means for us. In this Autumn meditation on mercy, Abdul-Rehman Malik looks at what mercy does to us and to our relationship with God and creation. He concludes by examining the life of the Prophet Muhammad and finds a man, whose dedication to a Merciful Lord, has made him a true servant of humanity. In other words, mercy has made him truly woke–and it should make us woke too.”
Jumu’ah Khutba delivered on November 10, 2017 at Yale University.