Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Finding Allah with the Broken Hearted – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani – UK Tour 2013

What does it mean to be broken-hearted? Someone who is seeking Allah would be of the broken-hearted. It could also be economic struggles, health, wealth, broken relations, loss, and failures etc. All these are simply doors of being patient with Allah.
There is also the broken-heartedness of those who are so grateful to Allah feeling humbled by all the blessings bestowed upon them and finally there is the broken-heartedness of lovers. Every believer, if their faith were true, would be broken-hearted in yearning for Allah. When calamities or blessings come to you, your heart should break because both are coming from Allah. Love is painful and breaks the heart, its beginning is thirst and its end is death. Yearning to be closer to Allah while feeling distant breaks the lover.
A lover seeks their beloved by giving themselves completely and being an embodiment of mercy. We need to live our lives in the ways of those most beloved to us. Our beloved Messenger, peace be upon him) spent his time with the poor, and chose a life of poverty by giving all he had. He gave of his attention, concern, time and all of what he had. We need to live our lives in ways that are beloved to Allah by serving the broken-hearted.
Watch this video from the Knowledge Without Barriers tour of the UK in 2013.
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