Help Us End Extremism and "Ugly Islam" – An appeal by Brother Anton

Assalamu alaykum,
The other day, Anton Kuratnik was monitoring our help desk and answering some of the questions we receive from students.
Then he came across a question that he never thought he’d never see.

“Because of the violence, chaos, and political instability [in much of the Muslim world], many Muslims are unable to find access to reliable, sound, moderate Islamic knowledge. Instead, there is an ugly, violent, and perverse version of Islam that is being spread all over the world. SeekersHub is in a position to address this.”
Many scholars have been affected by this instability and chaos, and are struggling to merely support themselves and their families — instead of being able to dedicate themselves to teach and spread the light of beautiful, balanced Prophetic teachings.
#SpreadLight this Ramadan: support capable, deserving scholars and enable them to spread beautiful and balanced Prophetic teachings to hundreds of thousands of students around the world.