Ramadan Seminar Q&A Session

Host an Iftar and #GiveLight: Calling All Students and Supporters

Ramadan Kareem
Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Student,
From all of us at SeekersGuidance, we’d like to wish you and your family all the best in this blessed month of Ramadan. May Allah accept all your prayers, fasting, charity and supplication.
As a SeekersGuidance student, you have experienced first-hand the benefit of our online courses, answers service and all other resources that SeekersGuidance offers.
This Ramadan we are calling on you to support our #GiveLight campaign in one of three ways outlined below.
Through #GiveLight, we aim to build capacity to extend our services to millions of Muslims around the world and provide ongoing support to deserving scholars and students of knowledge, who will continue to spread prophetic guidance. Make the most of this blessed month by helping us through one of the following:

Host an Iftar

This Ramadan, make your iftars about more than feeding your guests and give them the opportunity to earn great reward for contributing to the good.
We are asking you to host an iftar on behalf of SeekersGuidance and collect donations that’ll support our #GiveLight campaign. It’s very simple:

  1. Sign up to host an iftar
  2. We provide you with a complete package for the fundraising component
  3. Invite your guests
  4. We follow up with you after your Iftar
  5. If you can commit to this, please email [email protected] as soon as possible to sign up.


Sponsor an Iftar

Don’t have the time or venue to host an iftar? That’s okay. Contribute to one of our community sponsored iftars that take place every Friday and Saturday at SeekersGuidance Toronto and invite your guests while we take care of the rest. It’s that simple!

  1. You tell us which date you want to sponsor an iftar at SeekersGuidance Toronto
  2. Invite all of your guests
  3. We take care of the catering, organizing, day of logistics and give your guests exposure to the beauty that is SeekersGuidance.
  4. You can sponsor an iftar even if you’re not here in Toronto. In either case, please email [email protected] to determine next steps and how best you can contribute.


Sponsor the 27th Night Program

Contribute to the 27th night program as we host up to 700 people at an external venue in Toronto. The evening will consist of beneficial talks by visiting scholars, iftar, tarawih and qiyaam prayers, as well as suhoor.
It’s our biggest event of the year and we need sponsors like you to make it extra special. Gain tremendous reward for assisting with this in whatever way you can. Email [email protected] to make your contribution today.
Contribute directly to #GiveLight by becoming a monthly donor or giving your zakat.